CreditMiner Dealer AR Provides Augmented Reality Experience in Sales, F&I and Service

Mind Blowing Fully Interactive 4D Technology Will be released at 2016 NADA Convention and Exhibition

CreditMiner™, ( the auto industry leader in credit and data solutions, today announced the release of DealerAR, the first Augmented Reality solution that allows consumers to experience a fully interactive 4 D view of their vehicle, it’s warranty coverage and components in the dealership F&I, sales and service lane.

With the DealerAR proprietary module and software technology the customer can easily view all options available for the vehicle, its components covered by warranty and any additional coverage proposed in the F&I transaction. In fact, dealers can present all things automotive to the consumer at any point in the sales or service process. It provides the ability to highlight, in a fully interactive format, covered components, offers for additional coverage, color, trim and package options, as well as view accessories the customer may be contemplating for purchase.

"With the release of DealerAR we are taking a huge leap forward. We are coming full circle in providing our dealers with the ability to give an unparalleled consumer experience in Sales, Service, and F&I while changing the very way they engage that client."

Don ONeill, GM CreditMiner, LLC

CreditMiner is a cutting-edge technology company, which happens to also be a reseller of Credit. Our mission in this vertical is to deliver real world solutions that equate to bottom line profits and deliveries.  We continue to innovate and lead this space because of our technology and the fact that we build it from a dealer’s perspective,” said Don O’Neill, G.M. of CreditMiner, LLC. “With the release of DealerAR we are taking a huge leap forward. We are coming full circle in providing our dealers with the ability to give an unparalleled consumer experience in Sales, Service, and F&I while changing the very way they engage that client.”

CreditMiner is introducing DealerAR under its revolutionary Basis2sm suite of products. The Basis2 sales and F&I platform enables a dealership to complete a fully transparent finance transaction by allowing consumers to get pre-qualified in any digital interaction, delivering the full file to the dealer, never requiring the dealer to collect social security number and DOB. It’s 3QUAL pre-qualification solution is the single solution to deliver a full file consumer return and also stands the consumer up against all three credit bureaus, allowing the dealer to navigate which lender program and bureau gives the consumer the best option with indirect lending relationships.  CreditMiner gives franchise and independent dealers a true credit snapshot of their prospect, allowing them to match the right car, to the right customer, with the right financing, every time. It has zero impact on the consumer’s credit score and is fully FCRA compliant.

DealerAR takes the whole process a huge leap forward with a fully interactive 4 D experience in sales, service and F&I. In the F& I office, for example; the DealerAR unit allows the consumer to view parts and component coverage and actually experience inside the vehicle cabin to view optional coverage for components, as well as trim level or option changes. With the 4D Augmented reality experience, the vehicle can be pulled out of the screen and manipulated to any angle; inverted to view under carriage components and allow the consumer to view their newly purchased unit from any angle. This enables the F&I manager to offer optional services, show what’s covered by OEM warranty and make comparison to any aftermarket warranty product offering.

In the service lane, the service advisor can use a DealerAR service tablet in the waiting room, or send an email and show the customer in Augmented Reality what the proposed repair is, and exactly how the repair will be executed.  This enables the advisor to fully illustrate any part that needs replacing, along with how and why there is a need to repair, while justifying the charges. DealerAR can highlight proposed repairs, component location and repair specifics (labor intensive repairs are pre-loaded for presentation to support service estimates). 

“The application can be utilized during vehicle check-in, services sales, or in a showroom sales presentation. The experience brings deep interaction with the consumer, allowing for visual explanations that go far beyond static photos. It also truly provides a fully augmented reality experience that increases engagement and lowers the barriers normally presented during service lane sales interactions,” O’Neill stated.

The software also enables an automated conversion of standard, static HD photos into a real time AR experience for the consumer on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Through a proprietary pentagonization process, DealerAR takes the standard set of 32-60 inventory photos and automates an AR conversion for the consumer to view a vehicle in an AR experience.  Now, a consumer can get a truly life-like view of the vehicle, and the dealer can deliver a true vehicle condition image beyond that of two dimensional photographs.

“Auto dealers attending NADA should be prepared to have their minds blown by this fully interactive 4D experience,” O’Neill stated. For a demonstration click here:

CreditMiner will be demonstrating its full suite of products and services at the upcoming 2016 NADA Convention and Exhibition, March 31 – April 3, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at booth #5950N. For more information contact CreditMiner at: 877-213-7042, or visit;

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About CreditMiner:

CreditMiner is a credit-centric data provider to the automobile industry. It provides both hard inquiry, application compliance and is the only real-time pre-screen and pre-qualification technology re-seller representing all 3 major credit bureaus. Auto dealers can complete a vehicle finance transaction within CreditMiner’s BASIS platform while never collecting SS# or DOB. Its proprietary database of over 200 million consumers allows dealers to utilize big data to precisely target consumers, while providing a road map for engagement specific to each individual consumer they engage and their current economic situation.