CreditMiner Announces Partnership with Credit Bureau Connection

CreditMiner, the auto industry's only real-time solution provider that supplies the technology and ability to pre-qualify and pre-screen automotive consumers on Experian, TransUnion and Equifax credit bureau platforms announced today its new partnership with Credit Bureau Connection, the industry's leader in compliance and credit solutions, to power full credit application and compliance integration within the BASIS₂ and CreditMiner platforms.  The partnership will enable full credit report and compliance suite integration for all of CreditMiner’s dealer partners.

The BASIS₂ platform is a fully transparent, agnostic F&I tool that not only brings finance to the front of the vehicle transaction, but allows the Dealer, Consumer, and Lender to have a fully transparent, consultative loan process ensuring the dealer is able to land the consumer in a finance package that best suits the consumers’ needs.  More importantly, the BASIS₂ platform allows for the entire finance transaction to occur without the need for the consumer's Social Security number or DOB.  This proprietary patent pending software and process is set to revolutionize the way vehicle transactions are executed.

“This partnership has cemented our commitment to providing a fully compliant, forward moving Sales and F&I platform to dealers across the country.  We feel confident that the BASIS₂ platform is not just a market disruptor, but will in fact change the way vehicles are sold and financed,” stated Don O’Neill, V.P. Sales and Marketing for CreditMiner.  O’Neill went on to say “One of the main benefits for the dealer in the BASIS₂ platform offering is the extraction of risk in housing key identifiers on its servers and workstations.  Now, we are able to provide the dealer with a full credit and compliance suite from the leader in credit report and compliance solutions in the retail automotive vertical.  To say we are excited about this partnership, is an understatement.”

"We are extremely excited and proud to be a part of CreditMiner's revolutionary platform." says Mike Green, President and CEO of Credit Bureau Connection. "The synergy and forward thinking mentality of our two companies will combine this innovative sales process with the most advanced credit report and compliance suite available to dealers."

Ken Luna, newly appointed V.P. of Corporate Affairs for CreditMiner added, “The power of CreditMiner and BASIS₂ is that we give the dealer back the power of the negotiation, by removing the guesswork of what the prospect can actually purchase.  Now, we can add a full backend finance solution to their pedigrees.”